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One of the reasons that I’m selling used books is because I started reading a yachting book, yeah another book, it was about Sir Robin Knox-Johnston the first sailor to sail non stop around the world, or a solo circumnavigation in marine language. The book by the way was “A World of my Own

He wasn’t the first solo sailor that was Joshua Slocum, but he was the first non stop. I also tried to find books written by the contestants in that first race Sunday Times Golden Globe Race collecting these books became one of my goals I just got another one last week but as yet haven’t had a chance to read it. That awakened the book collector in me. Thank you to the Lord of the Books for that. (I hope I’m not infringing copyright in any manner or stealing JK Rowling ideas or stories in any way or any other author for that matter.)
Since those days we have had many Australian’s that have done the same thing. To many to list here but if you like I can give you a list later just contact me at OzzBooks. But now we have another to add to that list and she is only sixteen but OMG so much more.
The day after she came back I was at a community event having fun volunteering, when some people mentioned Jessica Watson, in my usual manner I took it step further. I looked around the crowd & spied a couple of young girls my first thought they were about the same age as Jessica Watson, what are these young adults capable of doing?
When you listen to all the shock jocks saying she couldn’t or shouldn’t do it, well baby she has & good on her. How many of our young adults don’t have the luck, money, parents or confidence to try to achieve their dreams.
Jessica Watson


When you read these books there is so much more than sailing, water, boats & isolation. The survivors of that race went on to face many other challenges, some weren’t so lucky but they all were doing what they wanted.
I found myself agreeing with our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that she is a hero but once again she explained it so much better.
Once again congratulations Jessica Watson oh yes and happy 17th
We cannot forget to mention the boat Jessica used is S & S 34 a beautiful design from the pen of Olin Stephens from the famous yacht building company Sparkman & Stephens these little boats have made many journeys around the world. Jessica could not have been in a better boat.
A very good book from Francis S Kinney is You are First a very good book on Olin & Rod Stephens a very good read.
Yacht Designer

Olin Stephens


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