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When you work in a used bookshop you met all sorts of people, the overwhelming majority    are so nice its amazing. why just this morning a lady came into the shop she was just browsing  &  I didn’t even see her as a matter of fact, when I did I thought it was my wife Anne but no it  wasn’t. I was getting ready for a new day. “Excuse me can you tell me where the fantasy section  is?”  “yes” I’m only too happy to do that, a little while latter with the selection of second hand fantasy books of her choice, paid for and in a recycled bag.
We struck up a conversation about the our bookshop and how she drove past every day for well over twelve months but wasn’t game to call in because of her fear that it might be a bookshop of a more ribald type, no we just sell books now I’m sure we do have some various books that may fit into a erotic or lurid or even pornographic but very few indeed.
Every now and then we get someone trying to sell me nudist books or old magazines but as a rule I don’t want these or magazines. We never get many second hand books of that type maybe the people don’t like to let them go.
If you want to sell your book  email me at .  Wanted Erotic Used Books or call Jim at (02) 4973 5925

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