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I was looking for some books on a subject that I forget but in my quest to find the particular book I came across this book Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry on the net so next thing I have ordered it from a dealer.

Now all I have to do is wait, it arrived soon enough & I started to read it, what a goldmine of information about book collecting mainly U.S.A.  But really its an excellent book for those of us that like to pursue old books or rare books, paperbacks, hardcovers & pamphlets. Who would ever want to go to Woodstock & get muddy, smashed and stoned when you could go back in time and see all of the the shops he mentions and discover a treasure or two.

I know that I will be reading this again for the information that is on every page. From the people he worked with and for the characters he met, the towns & shops he visited.

He runs a bookshop Booked up inc in Archer City Texas  it reportedly has some four hundred thousand books thats a lot books Larry.

Do you know any books like this that you think I might like? I’m always looking for interesting stories on book collectors any country.


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