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In the rush to Australia day, I had a bright idea yes you guessed it another bright idea, I thought I would gather up some nice coffee table books take a photo or two and put them on the net you know the usual places.

Gee I should have got up early in the morning or late in the evening find a nice setting, kind of like what Rob Heyman’s does with his excellent portrait photography. Are you kidding Jim just get on with the story, you know your going sailing this afternoon.

While I’m picking through literally thousands of books I noticed the most of the titles had Great in the book title. How many books have Great in the title? Well let me see, a quick search from Google Books gives me this answer.

Books 1 – 10 of 24,678 on great australian. (0.16 seconds) how good is this? I’m not sure how accurate this is but its good enough for now. I will keep searching for these and more useless facts.

I have always know that Australia is the best place in the world, so many people usually foreigners have always told me Jim this is the best country in the world I think they meant Greatest but maybe they haven’t been here long enough. But didn’t know we had that many books with Great in the title.

How original are these publishers? Do they have a calendar on the wall marked with dates? lets make another Great book what time of the year is it? Then all they have to do is get new pictures, most of the stories have all been written, you know we can sell some of these great books on Australia Day Armistice Day Anzac Day, or whatever the event it is.  Lets pulp some more trees, sound like a good idea.

Presto it looks like I will shortly be getting another Great title to add to my already great collection of great Australian books.

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