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Most people probably don’t care about Google Book Settlement but this will have far reaching implications for the future of authors, readers, education, even the distribution of books for the future. Who knows what developments are around the corner, with the like of Kindle and other technologies.  Take a look at the Google Scanner I have included a picture below.

Google Book Scanner

Google Book Scanner

We need a discussion

I think that this needs to be discussed more fully by every person that reads a book, or will ever read a book.
So far it has worked well for me when I want a copy of an old title it has been very good, I simply search for the book usually that’s when I find out its out of print but we can print it for you.

We need to plan for the future

Maybe it means that authors need to think about what to do in the event of their own mortality plan to have someone continue the copyright.

What does this mean for all of the books that are currently out of copyright?

Even Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp. and The Wall Street Journal has concerns. But Google have taken lots of their business

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