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A good book has no ending. ~R.D. Cumming

Yesterday we wanted to look at some new books so for a change we went to Westfield Tuggerah for me that was the first time for about three years. It had had nothing to do seeing that I had nearly finished Stieg Larsson’s

the man who left to soon

Stieg Larsson

first book of the Millennium Trilogy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo I simply have to read the rest of his book I enjoyed from start to finish in one hit all others were on hold to it was finished, rare for me. I also brought a few copies of Truman Capote’s book In Cold Blood, we even lucked in on some Nora Roberts Romance Fiction, Peter Watt Australian Fiction, Bill Tuckey true crime books on our customers want list, and we are always looking for books for people its part of the job, if your looking for a book then send me an Contact Jim or Phone 0249 735 925

Mixture of fiction

We left late and in the end had lunch at McDonalds YUK enough said. What was strange for us is we never even went into a used book shop this must be a first time I think I have ever gone to Wyong or anywhere for that matter and not even looked in a charity shop or bookshop.

If your looking used bookshop around our area take a look at my Google maps to see where the other bookshops are around our area.


I must have to much time on my hands, well not really but I was thinking of all the movies that have bookshop employee’s as characters in movies, okay I like watching movies oldies by choice.

Are there any other people that have this interest I would love to hear from you.

Tell me the ones  you know, I know about two or three,

The Big Sleep Joan Collins believe it or not

Notting Hill Hugh Grant “I thought he’d be an ebook man or do most of his reading in a car”

Clear and Present Danger don’t know the actor

Black Books the series on the ABC Australia don’t let Daryl & Hey Hey know

cheers JimO

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