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Since the advent of the internet you can find books nearly anywhere. From well worn used copies of James A Michener’s Hawaii to more modern works like Tim Winton’s The Riders one thing is certain you won’t have trouble finding those titles and many other titles.

But then there are also books you will always have trouble tracking down maybe it was a limited production run or anyone of a multitude reasons that lead to a small production run of this title. I know I could list thousands of titles like this.

So where do you find that old used book?

A more direct list reads like this.

  1. AbeBooks.com
  2. BookFinder.com
  3. BookFinder4You
  4. Amazon
  5. ebay
  6. Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books
  7. Google Books

Only the last one Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books will let you ring and talk to an expert.

this service runs from 6.00 am in the morning till around midnight 7 days per week 365 days per year.

Sure you can send us an email, make an inquiry that way if thats what you want.

I know that most of the time when I buy books on the net I just look at it read the description very slowly once, twice even three times, then I order it, if its a more expensive book then I might ask for a picture, or a more detailed description, I usually get express post, less time for damage.

In over 7 years of buying all sorts of used books on the net from so many different countries that I have lost count, from very cheap paperbacks, to very expensive copies of rare books worth thousands of dollars.

With only a hand full of these books have I been disappointed. I can tell you the titles for those just nosey here they are When Rabbits Howl by Truddi Chase, Above the World by Dick & Pip Smith they were just so wrong, bad description a sign of the complete ineptitude of the bookseller, you can be assured that I will not support them again. It usually happens that you will get a better book in the near future. This is some form of karma for used book dealers the theory of which I alone experience every day.

Does this make me the Clint Eastwood of book sellers? Well no not really but sometimes my imagination goes wild a kind of “Do you feel lucky punk”? Well when it comes to finding used books yes Clint I do!  Yes Clint I’am very lucky. Or email Jim Owens for all your used book needs.

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