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“Australia’s most trusted Online Bookshop”

Only a fraction of our recent used and rare book acquisitions we purchase make it to our website. There are Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books Literally hundreds of reasons from the unique nature of the books to availability and condition.

But you can be sure that the ones that make it are off interest to many people.

We try to put a mix of or whatever we think will awaken your interest from a collection of popular fiction to rare hard to find books, this can be hard but its fun for us and we hope you enjoy our selections. Everyday we have to decide what goes on the online and what goes into the shop. These are just a few of the categories we are adding to our database.



How to Books

Health Fitness

New Age

Business & Management

Military Books

Sport Books

Local History

All of the people that work at Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books are book lovers the best thing is we all have interests in a wide and eclectic range of subjects.

Jim Whose passions are Yachting, Engineering, Book Collecting, Art Books, Biographies, Australian fiction, Fiction, Local History

Anne Her favorites are Financial, True Crime, Australian Fiction, Fiction, Local History, craft books & New Age.

Les His interests are Business & Management Motivation, Law Books, Self Help & Religion, Sport Books, Biographies.

We have lots of other people that contribute to our bookshop this is only a few of the part time workers

Laura Classics, Fantasy, Fiction Literature

Corina Fantasy Sci-Fi Books, Fiction

Robyn real estate, Business & Management, Antiques

Kristy Business & Management, how to books

Desmond Technology , Automotive Books, fishing books

Claudia childrens books, Education

Zane. childrens books

We cannot forget the people, you know the customers you, that help us in our pursuit of more interesting books. “Thank you”

Remember if you want to sell some of these types of used books, but remember they must be unique, rare, collectible and in good or better yet excellent condition. We will pay top dollar for these types of used books.

Call us on 0249735 925


"Australia's most trusted Online Bookshop"

Welcome to Lake Macquarie Secondhand Books where we have hundreds of Self Help Books about hundreds subjects including some of the following learn to sail, auto repair manuals, Spiritual Books, books on witchcraft books how to paint, there is a book to help you with information .

Knowledge is Power

If you are looking for books about Health Books, illness, Books on Psychology, cooking, diet, relationships, success business management – you name it – then you have come to the right site for Self Help Books We offer a large range of self help book titles. Many other self help titles are also available so why don’t you have a browse. Or ring us to find out what we have on the shelves at Morisset.

Alternatively if you want a book and are to busy to spend the time looking, we can try to find the book for you.

Phone 0447 330 911


Jim Owens


A good book has no ending. ~R.D. Cumming

Yesterday we wanted to look at some new books so for a change we went to Westfield Tuggerah for me that was the first time for about three years. It had had nothing to do seeing that I had nearly finished Stieg Larsson’s

the man who left to soon

Stieg Larsson

first book of the Millennium Trilogy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo I simply have to read the rest of his book I enjoyed from start to finish in one hit all others were on hold to it was finished, rare for me. I also brought a few copies of Truman Capote’s book In Cold Blood, we even lucked in on some Nora Roberts Romance Fiction, Peter Watt Australian Fiction, Bill Tuckey true crime books on our customers want list, and we are always looking for books for people its part of the job, if your looking for a book then send me an Contact Jim or Phone 0249 735 925

Mixture of fiction

We left late and in the end had lunch at McDonalds YUK enough said. What was strange for us is we never even went into a used book shop this must be a first time I think I have ever gone to Wyong or anywhere for that matter and not even looked in a charity shop or bookshop.

If your looking used bookshop around our area take a look at my Google maps to see where the other bookshops are around our area.

Where did you get your name? after a past family member, or are you more adventurous and name your children after characters in books, or famous people maybe a first love then again it could have been some other reason.

Just in the last couple of weeks a very close family friend called Laura had just given birth to healthy little girl, I can remember her telling me that when she was reading To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and that her favorite character was Jean Louise (Scout) & if she was lucky enough to have a daughter that was the name she would chose.

Now as things go and they usually do approximately ten days ago after much labor a beautiful little girl called Scout arrived to the joy of family and friends alike her mum had to do the all the work anyway. Her close friends were all around to support.

I have been busy working in the used book shop, but today I was lucky enough to call in and see Laura & Scout, and what a beautiful baby girl she is, I only hope she enjoys reading as much as her mum, which I’m sure she will. I know she will get lots of good books delivered at just the right moment. Go Laura & Scout.


When you work in a used bookshop you met all sorts of people, the overwhelming majority    are so nice its amazing. why just this morning a lady came into the shop she was just browsing  &  I didn’t even see her as a matter of fact, when I did I thought it was my wife Anne but no it  wasn’t. I was getting ready for a new day. “Excuse me can you tell me where the fantasy section  is?”  “yes” I’m only too happy to do that, a little while latter with the selection of second hand fantasy books of her choice, paid for and in a recycled bag.
We struck up a conversation about the our bookshop and how she drove past every day for well over twelve months but wasn’t game to call in because of her fear that it might be a bookshop of a more ribald type, no we just sell books now I’m sure we do have some various books that may fit into a erotic or lurid or even pornographic but very few indeed.
Every now and then we get someone trying to sell me nudist books or old magazines but as a rule I don’t want these or magazines. We never get many second hand books of that type maybe the people don’t like to let them go.
If you want to sell your book  email me at .  Wanted Erotic Used Books or call Jim at (02) 4973 5925


by Richard Franklin

Vintage; 2009; 256 pp.

This is a beautiful book replete with poetry and history, evocative imagery and haunting human sadness.  It is an amazing experience to be so moved by the machinations of people it is mostly very difficult to like.

Richard Franklin introduces us to Lady Jane Franklin first lady of Van Diemen’s Land, the great explorer and governor Sir Richard Franklin and George Augustus Robinson the Protector of Aborigines all of them linked by their roles in the life of Mathinna the young indigenous girl ‘adopted’ and then betrayed by them all.  As well, we meet Charles Dickens the man – and what a troubled person he is – almost manic we would say today – who also knew Lady Franklin and assisted her in memorialising her husband – lost forever in the Arctic.

We meet them all, and Mathinna apart, I found it beyond me to care about their respective wantings.  In an important Author’s Note at the end of the book, Franklin tells us that this book is about desire not history; about human desires set within respective cultures and religions.  Mostly what it demonstrates for me is that those cultures and religions were and are largely bereft of humanity, of insight, of empathy, and are crammed chock a block with ignorance and arrogance.

Still, Wanting is essential reading for its awful beauty and for its demonstration of the damage we all do by imposing our own ‘values’ on anyone else.

Debora Campbell

A young Aboriginal girl, Mathinna, runs through the wet wallaby grass

Thursday was a very good day at the bookshop.  After posting out book orders and sorting books to put on the shelves we had several phone calls to look at books.  All the calls were from the Central Coast with people wanting to sell their used books.

Thank you Shirley, we now have a bigger variety of crime books for our customers.

Some of the authors

This is just a small selection of the authors we purchased, lots of these titles will be in the shop for the weekend, we will put them online in the near future.

Along with these titles we also inspected some very good books more on them latter

Cheers Anne

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